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The first time I had a psychic reading over the phone, I was on pins and needles. Would the person be kind? Would they help me? Would I cry? Would that be ok? I’d had readings before in person, but those were usually spur of the moment, and I didn’t have time to think about it beforehand. But now that I’d scheduled a phone reading, I wanted to get the most out of our time together.

It’s common to be nervous when doing something new. If you haven’t had a psychic reading, it’s natural to be curious, skeptical, afraid—and it’s natural to feel these things even if you have had a reading before! If you have scheduled a reading or know you are going to call into an advisor on Keen, take some time to prepare for your time together.

Here’s an example of what I ask people to do or consider—whether they are new or long time clients.

• Think about the areas of your life you are the most concerned about. This can include relationships, work, spiritual development, friendships, or family issues. I would avoid health topics—though there are intuitives that work specifically on medical issues, most psychics don’t want to influence your health decisions. Keen advisors in particular do not give medical advice.

• The time will go faster than you think, so once you’ve identified your concerns, make a list for yourself of the order of importance. Clients can easily spend an hour on their love life alone!

• Be specific. Though, of course, general questions are fine—such as, “What is the guidance for me right now regarding career?”—if you have specific questions, don’t wait to ask them, hoping your reader will just “intuit” them. You don’t visit your dentist with a toothache and then say, “Oh, just have a look around.”

• Identify your own agenda. This is an important step! The thoughts, feelings, and desires that you spend time with will be present in your energy field, and a psychic will be able to sense these. If he/she knows that, they will be better able to sort through the information they receive. It’s crucial that you know what your hopes (and therefore unconscious expectations) are for the reading. You need to understand that a good psychic isn’t just going to tell you what you want to hear—but that doesn’t mean the information is wrong. 

• Be realistic about your expectations. No psychic is going to be 100% right all the time. You have free will, and you are constantly changing your mind and making new choices. New decisions affect outcomes, so keep that in mind when receiving psychic advice.

• Make an informed choice. If you are new to getting readings or wanting to try out a new psychic, do take the time to look over profiles or their website. If you don’t care about angels, don’t choose an angel practitioner; if you are interested in past lives, look for a reader who lists that as one of their strengths or interests. Do look at photos and if you don’t resonate with the way someone presents themselves, choose someone else. While this may sound superficial, it’s important that you feel comfortable. If a Goth look makes you nervous, pick the psychic that just looks like an everyday Jane. Likewise, for gender; if you know you have authority issues with men, don’t choose a male psychic!

• Don’t play “test the psychic.” Many new clients want some kind of proof that their psychic is “real.” This is legitimate but know that not all psychics are able to scan for existing facts. This doesn’t mean they don’t have real ability. The more time you take playing around, the less time you have to spend on issues that are important to you.

• Be open. I can’t stress this enough! If you come into a reading determined not to tell your reader anything and with a closed, skeptical mindset, your reader will be hindered by that energy. A closed mind is the energetic equivalent of a locked door. It’s a waste of time and money to approach a reading this way.

A psychic reading is just like any other professional interaction you might have, but it’s also deeply personal. Though a psychic isn’t a therapist, many clients report the same kind of relief and reward as when they visit a trusted counselor. Your willingness to be honest, participate, and also keep a sense of proportion and fun will help you have a fulfilling, fruitful reading.

Why not give yourself the gift of a psychic reading? Take a look at the great roster of advisors on Keen and choose to begin that special relationship today!